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04/10/08 08:16 PM #1    

Edward O'Neal

Welcome everyone! Please tell all of our classmates about this site. We need to get everyone registered. We'll post more reunion details here as they're finalized.

Also, please encourage people to fill out a profile even if they aren't planning on attending the reunion. That will help us all keep in touch going forward.

Some had the impression that they would have to pay to "join" or use this site. Nope! It's free to our classmates - so there is no excuse not to fill out that profile.

04/30/08 09:40 PM #2    

John Irvin

Debbie H.U., Deanna S., Tom C. and whoever else might be interested... I just sent my Junior and Senior yearbook to a buddy of mine in Florida that owns a copy and archiving company. He's offered to scan them for me. I'm assuming I'll receive the files back on a CD that I'll be able to copy. My buddy is a good man, but I understand he just landed a large contract that has him swamped.... so no guarantees on copies until I actually have CD in hand.

That said, I do think that he'll pull through. Those of you that would like a scanned copy of the yearbook, shoot me an email via this web site with what you need and I'll make a copy for you. See ya.

09/29/08 09:04 AM #3    

Julie Jackson (Wiggins)

To Judy, Deidra, Ed, Mark and whoever else was in the planning dept of the reunion. It was great, I had a wonderful time, and it was teriffic to see everyone. Thanks for a fantastic reunion!

09/29/08 10:03 AM #4    

Julie Crossman (Haugen)

Thank you to all who planned the reunion! Your time and effort must have been tremendous. Thank you to Hap and his beautiful wife for the use of their house on Sunday.

09/29/08 07:42 PM #5    

Debbie Hannah (Underfinger)

Looks like everyone had fun! I hope I can make it to the next reunion! Thanks to Mike for this site, and to everyone that has a part in helping the reunion, and those that contributed to the pics to share with us that couldn't make it!

09/29/08 10:46 PM #6    


Deanna Swatzell

Hey! What a fantastic time seeing everyone. I have a lot of pics to share .. just need to find time to download .. Please keep in touch! If you are ever in the Vancouver/Portland area .. please contact me .. come on out and see the band! Take care!

09/30/08 11:29 AM #7    

Ken Parker

Thanks to everyone for such a quality reunion My wife Beckie and I had a great time, even if nobody could recognize me. Hap, Randy, and Don, the golf foursome was absolutely fantastic. Mark Milat and Seth great job at the microphone saturday night.

Ken Parker

09/30/08 01:22 PM #8    

Shelli Steele (Krieg)

Thanks to all of you who spent so much time and hard work into the reunion, Judy, Dedra, Mike, Mark, Seth,Hap and Karen. You all did a fantastic job and it was really great seeing all. I didn't think I was going to come due to the circumstances with Tom Carr, I didn't think I could do it but I did and it was really great to talk to everyone who is healthy and enjoying their lives their children and realizing their dreams even in this economy. Good luck to all of you and God Bless!!! Shelli Steele Krieg

09/30/08 09:24 PM #9    

Richard Railsback

Just sitting here at work on the back half of a 48 hour shift looking at the pictures and reading some comments, getting a big grin on my face about how much fun this last weekend was. We were truely blessed with great people and a great class. To all of you who put this together, Thank You, I will remember this for a long time. Until we all see each other again, please take of yourselves.....Rich

10/02/08 06:40 PM #10    

Lisa Henninger (Carlson)

Thanks to all who help with the reunion!! It was great to see such a good turn out. It was also fun to see "old" friends! There was plenty of activity to enjoy :)
Till we meet again...Lisa

10/12/08 06:20 PM #11    

Kathleen Patterson (Reinstra)

Thanks to everyone who organized the reunion, GREAT JOB! It was great seeing everyone again, it was amazing how much everyone has or has not changed (most of the guys I could not place).
My husband and I had a great time.
Hope to see you all again at the next reunion!
Kathy (Patterson) Reinstra

04/17/09 05:10 AM #12    

Jack Perry

Hey everyone! Had a great time all weekend, great to see everybody again. Kudos to everyone who had a hand in setting everything up; had a great time playing golf Saturday with Tami, TDS and Mark until I locked my keys in my truck (thanks for the ride Tami!) thanks to Rod Sullivan for being gracious as always, Shellie Steele for her and her families sentiments and Mark Milat for the speaking Saturday night. Take care and give me a holler when you can

08/22/09 10:51 AM #13    


Phuong Caldwell

when's the next one? I didn't get notified for the last 2.  I'm on Facebook remember when planning our 40th class reunion some of us are not working and are on a fixed income.  

08/27/09 11:51 AM #14    

Ron Durant

Kinda late and really bummed I couldn't make it....had a major job change I had to deal with.

Anyhow...we are turning 50 next year!! We need to have a group 50 year old birthday party....Vegas anyone?

09/16/09 01:50 PM #15    

Debbie Hannah (Underfinger)

Thanks Ron, we really needed to hear that (turning 50). LOL

02/24/10 03:43 PM #16    

Janet Schmidlin (Cline)

I turned 50 in December,2009 - I thought that it was going to be a bad birthday like my 35th - this does not even come close. Actually, turning 50 feels good! :) I guess that I really don't feel 50 (mentally, now physically is another story), because I am not a Grandma yet. I keep telling my son that he does not have to make me a Grandma anytime soon. (LOL)

Vegas sounds good to me...

09/26/10 01:07 PM #17    

Leslie Dietz

aloha Ka kou!

50? Come on down and let's celebrate hawaiian style! Looks like some of you got together- so cool! Best to us all~ Leslie 


06/27/11 07:07 AM #18    

Clay Miller

Summer of 2013 - 35th reunion!   We'll have the "person with the most grandchildren" contest.  :o)

06/21/12 04:56 PM #19    

Lance Cadena


Nice having lunch with you today. You are looking young and healthy as ever, not a day over 51!!!  You made me laugh so much I cried!!! Enjoy your few days up here, its been a gray and rainy spring.

Cheers Lance

07/14/12 09:58 PM #20    

Seth Hodges

Calling all Blue Fox Drive-In fans. This year is the 53rd year of the drive-in's operations - started the year (or year before) most of us were born - the year my dad got orders for NAS Whidbey.

The drive-in is one of only 5 left in the state of Washington. Still a great place to go and a great bargain. Was just there a couple weekends ago.

They are being required to convert from film projectors to digital projectors. Cost will be between $75,000 and $150,000. The family that runs the drive-in is asking for assistance with the projector conversions costs. To help, they are selling t-shirts and sweatshirts at the drive-in and through their website. Apparel has a great imprint and T-shirts also "glow-in-the-dark."

Check out their website at

"The show must go on!"

08/29/12 07:58 AM #21    

Julie Jackson (Wiggins)

Hey Seth, do they have hoodies? I'm coming back from Florida to visit Aug 31 through Sept 9. I think I might need one. Was gonna get one at Walmart but would rather support the Blue Fox. Julie

03/27/13 10:42 AM #22    


Deanna Swatzell

Everyone .. please go to Facebook for Class of 1978 .. we are forming a committee to organize a 35-yr reunion THIS YEAR .. if we can get volunteers to help!

05/23/13 03:34 PM #23    


Deanna Swatzell

August 23/24/25  2013 .. see announcement posted here .. please contact me with a yes or no .. if you plan to attend.  Thanks!   D. Swatzell

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